Repository Top Level Stats

🚀 The following feature is live for all plans!

Top Level Repository Stats

Your repository dashboard will now show four key metrics to quickly make out tech debt pain points:
  • Worst Offender: The most painful file in your repository. Inspect it to find valuable refactoring opportunities.
  • Most Churn Recently: Which file has changed most often recently? This indicates that maybe it's rapidly accruing complexity. Take a look!
  • Most Upward Trend: The file that has collected most tech debt the last 4 weeks. Watch it closely.
  • Most Improved: A place to observe positive changes and pat yourself on the shoulder 👏

In other news, it seems like its time to drink my own kool-aid:
Repository top level stats showing a clear dependency


It seems I have a problem with my repository model. Inspecting its methods though shows a clear tendency:
Maybe there's an opportunity waiting here...

The term history is mentioned 4 times! This sounds like an opportunity for extracting a collaborator. Stay tuned ...