Keep shipping Ruby and JavaScript apps fast

Code quality watchdog.
Receive warnings when your code's maintainability and extensibility suffers.
Instructive reporting.
Receive actionable guidance on how to tackle emerging code quality issues.
Works with Github.
Get valuable insights about the impact of a pull request on your team's development velocity.
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Evil Martians

Keeping codebases in a healthy state requires us to perform regular check-ups and monitor the parts of your code that are hurting the most. [...] There are plenty of tools for that, but our choice is Attractor.

Evil Martians

Frequently asked questions

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What is Attractor?
Attractor is a code quality measurement and forecasting tool for Ruby and JavaScript that seamlessly integrates into your Github CI.
What does it do?
It creates quality reports with trend analytics and suggests actionable to-dos to improve your code's maintainability.
How does it do it?
By computing code quality metrics like churn vs complexity it collects data to interpret your application's structure and to forecast future development. It uses the equally named open source tool to do this.
What about privacy?
Glad you asked. The only third party service we ever contact is GitHub. Even though we use machine learning to improve forecasting and other features, we don’t invoke external APIs like ChatGPT or others. It goes without saying that your data is fully encoded at rest.