Ship faster

Boost your development velocity today.

Keep shipping your Ruby and JavaScript apps fast and tackle tech debt before it hurts.

Code quality watchdog.
Receive warnings when your code's maintainability and extensibility suffers.
Instructive reporting.
Receive actionable guidance on how to tackle emerging code quality issues.

Upgrade your development process

Your changes' impact at a glance

Find out how the feature you are just adding affects your code base's health. Get instant advice on how to do better.

App screenshot
App screenshot

Stay informed with code quality metrics

Dig deeper at the file level

Which files were the main drivers for tech debt increase? How did the code base's structure change in this pull request?

Code quality watchdog

Identify harmful trends

Spot dangerous tendencies early on. Take action before it hurts.

App screenshot
App screenshot

Code paramedic

Monitor your code's vital signs

Inspect code quality down to the method level.

Keep your codebase manageable

Stay on top of code bloat

Keep an eye on how code complexity is distributed in your code base. Identify offenders early and take countermeasures.

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App screenshot

Tech debt dashboard

Continuous code health surveillance PRO

Observe how your biggest tech debt contributors develop over time.